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City Clerk                     510  577-3368
Fire Dept (non emergency)  638-2121
Graffiti Hotline              510-577-6094
Police Dept (non emergency)577-3201
Job Hotline                    510-577-3397
Airport Hotline              510- 577-4194
Pot Holes                      510-577-3400
Community Relations   510- 577-3358
Public Works                  510-577-3440
Compliance Complaints 510-577-3462
Emergency Services       510-577-3333

Senior Services
San Leandro Paratransit    510- 577-3441
Healthy Insurance Counseling
 and Advocacy Program      510- 839-0393
Legal Assistance for Seniors 510-832-3040
Spectrum Comm. Serv Inc    510-881-0300
Alameda County Adult
    Protective Services           510-567-6894
Alameda In-Home Support   510- 567-8080
Alameda Meals on Wheels   510-865-6131
American Red Cross             510- 814-4200
Center for Independent Living 510- 814-4776

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San Leandro has many distinct and charming neighborhoods listed below.  

This is the neighborhood parish of the Catholic Church of the assumption, between I-580 and East14th Street, Estudillo up to 140th Avenue. Most of these properties are single story ranch-style built in the 1940s and 1950s. San Leandro High School is in this neighborhood. 

UPPER BAL  AND LOWER BAL neighborhood of San Leandro
The areas known as the Upper Bal and Lower Bal are located between San Leandro Boulevard and MacArthur, from 136th Avenue to 150th. This neighborhood got it's name from the Bal Theater located on E14st is still standing though not operating at this time. The Upper Bal is considered "above" (east of) East 14th, and the Lower Bal is "below" (west of) East 14th. Much of this area was built post-world War II. Halcyon and Toyon parks are located in the Bal. Bayfair Mall is just south of the Bal district.

BAY-O-VISTA neighborhood
The rolling hills in east San Leandro enfold the Bay-O-Vista neighborhoods. This is generally the most expensive area in San Leandro, offering fine bay views and low traffic flow, wide streets. The homes are simi-custom to custom made, located on generous sized lots and many are less then 35 years old. 

BEST MANOR neighborhood
Best Manor was named for industrialist Daniel Best. These properties are non-tract, many of them Mediterranean style. Best Manor has the police department and City Hall and the Peralta House located here. Best Manor is often included in the Farrelly Pond District but it is older. 

BROADMOOR DISTRICT of San Leandro California
This is one of the older areas of the city with wide streets and a range of architectural styles. Many homes have double lots. These range from small two bedrooms to large five and size bedroom. Some streets like Superior were built out by the Derry Brothers. Broadmoor is bordered by Oakland, down to Dutton, and from Bancroft, west, to East 14th Street. 

CHERRY WOOD Pud's and Condominium in San Leandro Ca
Cherry Wood was built by Citation homes from 2000 to 2004 all have 2 car garage parking. These 3 to 6 bedrooms properties ranged from 1400 square foot to 2814 square feet of living space. The homes on Accolade a higher densely area is where the smaller homes located. For more information the Cherrywood HOA phone is 510-683-8614 or local Realtor Scott Harrison 510-388-4536 

DAVIS TRACT neighborhood of San Leandro Ca
Built by Stanley Davis in the 1941- 1948. Homes are mostly two-bedroom, one-bath, one-car garage and 3 bedroom 1 bath single garage.  Davis Tract runs from the Oakland city limit to about a block from Williams Street and from Doolittle to Douglas St. West Davis was built around 1948.  A newer home developments in built 1989 is the Pinewood development which consisting of White Fir, Star Pine Rd,  Black Pine and Reynolds St. having 2 floor plans of 1111 Square foot and  1420 - 1480 square foot of living space all with  3 bedroom 2 bath 2 garages. HOA managed by Walsh Property Management phone 510-888-8986

ESTUDILLO ESTATES and GLEN area of San Leandro Ca
San Leandro Creek watershed runs through this neighborhood giving numerous homes a lovely natural habitat for a backyard. There are a wide variety of home styles, from Tudor to Mediterranean to Colonial. Many one of a kind have large lots and well tended yards. Boundaries for this area are MacArthur to Woodland Avenue, and Juana Avenue to Dutton Avenue. 

Fairmont Terrace neighborhood is located south of Bay O Vista Starting at Manchester and east of 580 going up the hill as far as Selborne last street to the South would be Strang is a small enclave of homes built between 1947 as late as 1954 were originally built as 2 and 3 bedroom, 1 bath  with an attached garage many with bay views.  

The Farrelly Pond District is an early tract development dating from the 1940'mostly two-bedroom dwellings. This neighborhood has lots of charm and a nostalgic feel to it. The boundaries are roughly from East 14th to the BART tracks, from Davis Street to the Oakland border.

FLOREST GARDENS and BRAD-RICK areas of San Leandro Ca
Built in the 1950s by Valley, Logan and Bradrick home builders. Originally built between 1100 to 1170 square feet having 3 bedrooms 1-2 baths and a 2 car garage provided quality homes at affordable prices asking around $9,000 to $11,000. Check today's sales in Floresta Gardens There is quick access to I-880, BART, and shipping. Floresta Gardens is located east of the Nimitz, along both sides of Floresta Boulevard and Washington Avenue to the train tracks. See the 1954 Builders Warranty of that day 

HERON BAY Development of San Leandro Ca
 Located at the end of Lewelling Blvd. was built from 1996 to 2001 with sizes ranging from 1321 to 2800 square feet of living space on about 80 acre of Housing and 400 acres of permanent wetland open space. The Cluster homes were built by Roberts Landing Inc  Sales Brochure for the  Egret a 3 bed room 2.5 bath  with about 1545 sq ft, Pelican  4 bedroom 2.5 baths with about 1999 sq ft, Tern  4 bedroom 2.5 baths with about 1827 sq ft and the Clapper Rail 4 bedroom 3 bath about 2245 sq ft. and the 1996 June price list are available thanks to Scott Harrison who stopped by the sales office in 1996
The larger lots were developed by Greystone Homes  known as Stillwater Cove  who built The Cape, The Harbor, The Landing and The Shore floor plans (Builder info at link) in Heron Bay Development. 

HILLCREST KNOLLS neighborhood of San Leandro Ca
Hillcrest Knolls is a hillside neighborhood of about 700 properties nestled below Lake Chabot above the I-580 freeway in the unincorporated area of San Leandro.  Some discribe that live on Hillcrest Knolls, it is like a country abode wrapped in the trees teeming with birds.  The foothill community is a mixture of new mixed with older side by side. Lately there are many signs of vitality on Hillcrest Knolls but it is still known to contain some of the most affordable homes with a view in San Leandro.

LACQUA MANOR of San Leandro Ca.
This tract was built in the 1950s. Homes are two and three bedrooms. Shopping is convenient at local Marina Square Shopping Center, and John Muir Middle School is also nearby. Lacqua Manor is between Marina Boulevard to Williams/Davis Street, and from the Nimitz freeway to the Bart tracks. 

MARINA VISTA homes in San Leandro Ca
Built between 1993 and 1999 by Wesco. These homes also abut the natural beauty of the marsh along the Bay Trail. They have 5 models the "Malibu" (single story model), "The Huntington", "The Carmel", "The Monterrey" and "The Catalina". They are  between 1807 -2917 square feet and had 2 and 3 car garages. Scott has some builder floor plans of these development.

MARINA FAIRE neighborhood of San Leandro Ca
Marina Faire is located near the open spaces of the San Leandro Marina and the Tony Lema golf course, along the bay. Generally they have three-bedroom, built in the 1960s as tract homes and many condominiums as well.  Marina Faire is south of Mulford Gardens. 

MULFORD GARDENS neighborhood of San Leandro Ca
This neighborhood was once well-farmed land with an abundance of oyster beds along the bay. Today, Mulford Gardens is a neighborhood with a variety of housing styles, larger lots and some light industry. It is located along the bay on both sides of Marina Boulevard down to Fairway Drive. Marina Golf course is in Mulford Gardens. 

This is the oldest section of San Leandro, with some dating back to the 1890 and were built by many of the town's original farmers and Portuguese immigrants. There is a blend of condominiums, apartments and older homes in this area as well as commercial property. Best House and Casa Peralta are located here. Boundaries are the Saint Leander's Church vicinity, between East 14th and the BART station, along both sides of Washington Avenue. 

Sheffield Village strictly speaking it is in Oakland. Residents use San Leandro city streets and services, homes in Sheffield Village are in the San Leandro School District. Built with pride and quality of workmanship Sheffield Village is located north of Bay-O-Vista and east of I-580, against the hills not far from the Oakland Zoo and the Dunsmuir Historic Estate.  

Built out by several builders. The area was unincorporated until the 1960s. When San Leandro extended the city limits. This district includes several shopping centers.  Borders are Interstate 880 in the east, Purdue to the north, San Lorenzo to the south and to the west, Wicks Boulevard. Check today's sales in Washington Manor click here. 

BONAIRE neighborhood
 Bonaire was built between 1951 and 1953 and the 3 floor plans had 1096 Sq Ft Long porch and 1076 Sq Ft Short Porch were built by Federighi builder using virtually the same blue prints as they did for most of Floresta Gardens a few years later.  The 1081 Sq Ft with a Slab Floor was built by another builder. These homes all had 3 bedrooms 1 bath and a 2 car garage originally.  Bonaire is located west of 880 just north of Purdue and south of Aladdin with Wicks Blvd to the West of the development. Bonaire demographics.  

Ashland area is located  in Alameda County but has a San Leandro mailing address. Ashland real estate price tend to be slightly lower than the San Lorenzo and those in San Leandro city limits.   Transportation is plentiful in Ashland Area with BART station at BayFair Shopping center, 580 freeway and 238 connector to Interstate 880 running through the area.  

Cherry Glen development of San Leandro was built between 2008 and 2014 these 43 PUD's look like row homes but actually have a trim piece blocking the gap between each building.  The Ranier, The Cavalier, The Hartland, The Hudson and The Danube floor plans were options all having 3 - 4 bedrooms and  2-3 full baths with attached garage and the size ranged 1266 sq feet to 1668 Square feet of living space. 

More data about San Leandro, local ordinances and seller required closing costs. 

About San Leandro:
Recreation is one of the high points of San Leandro. The city boasts an extensive park system that includes 23 parks and recreation facilities. These include swimming pools and sports fields. With these an other services, citizens are encouraged to participate in running, picnicking, tennis, softball and swimming. Aside from the fantastic park system, San Leandro has a beautiful Marina and a prestigious library system. The traits of San Leandro make it hard to pass up. The city is constantly growing, as fueled by a strong commercial sector, and has a strong recreational program.  Visit the Maps

School District district had a total of 7,682 students enrolled. The district operates 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 high schools. Please contact the District at (510) 667-3500 or visit 

Provided by Alameda County Fire Department. 96 uniformed personnel including: 3 Battalion Chiefs, 2 Deputies, and 1 Chief. Equipment: 5 station houses, 2 trucks, 5 engines, 1 squad, and 7 other pieces of equipment.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District has a maximum capacity of 502 million gal/day and an average consumption of 304 million gal/day. Water fees are based on the number of water units used and a charge based on the size of the water meter. For additional information on fees or service contact the District at (510) 287-1380. 

The City of San Leandro has a maximum capacity of 158 million gal/day. Service charges are based on the volume and quality of discharge. For additional information on service and fees contact the District at (510) 577-3381. 

San Leandro is served by the San Leandro Unified School District and the San Lorenzo School District. In 1998 the the San Leandro Unified School 
San Leandro has 4 hospitals with 890 beds. 

There are 45 places of religious worship, 4 libraries, regional assets which include: 4 newspapers, 18 television channels, 1 cable TV system, a regional park system, and the San Francisco Bay. This Community Profile has been compiled with the assistance of San Leandro Community Development Office. For more information contact the Community Development Office at (510) 577-3352.

Information on Homeowners Associations in San Leandro
Below is an older list. The City of San Leandro list is more up to date.
Want to see the map of where each is?

Associated Homeowners of San Leandro, Inc. Mr Rosenga 483-4559
Bancroft Area Neighborhood Association
Bay-O-Vista Improvement Association Ken Pon 895-2011
Best Manor Homeowners Association, Inc. Corina lopez 633-9702
Bonaire Civic League, Inc. Virginia Boepple 357-7172 
Broadmoor Neighborhood Ass. 
Hillary Van Aausten 562-7751
Camellia, Iris, and Tulip Court Homeowners Ass. Bernard Ferreira 635-3580
Cherrywood HOA  Management 510-683-8614
Creekside Neighborhood Association Kai Bender 568-2045
Colonial Gardens HOA  Victor Simon 895-9784
Davis West Neighborhood Group Waffa Aborashed 562-8390
Dundee Homeowners Ass.(Sandpiper Condominium) Walsh Prop 888-8965
Estudillo Homeowners Association Debra Cox 895-8481
Farrelly Pond Neighborhood Ass. (Broadmoor Area) Richard Beckett 562-6607
Floresta Gardens Homeowners Ass. (condominium) Walsh Prop 888-8965
Floresta Homeowners Association Joan Maramonte 351-6418
Garden Terrace HOA  Melinda Jackson 614-8589
Golden State Mobilehome  Mission Bay PE Bwens  357-7278
Halcyon-Foothill Homeowners Association, Inc. Linda Perry 352-7679
Heron Bay Homeowners Association, Teri Gard  683-8614
Huntington Park Homeowners Association Albert Paladini 352-5484
Marina Faire Homeowners Association Betty Bailey 351-0186
Marina Gardens Homeowners Association Kathy Sanchez 357-8037
Marina Seagate Homeowners Association Jack Brandt Manager 795-8308
Marina Vista Homeowners Association, Bill Bemiss 614-9991
Marina Seagate Homeowners Association Jack Brandt 795-8308 
Mulford Gardens Improvement Association Bo Hohansen 206-4249
Nugent Square Homeowners Ass. Inc(condominium) Beverly 352-0637
Peralta Citizens Association, Inc. Mr Rosenga 483-4559
Pacific Plaza Homeowners association David Olson 888-8979 888-8979
Peralta Citizens' Association  Frank Madrigal 351-3591
Peralta Creek Adobe Homeowners Ass. (condominium) Roland Chew 315-8976
Washington Manor Homeowners Association Robert Leigh 352-1499
Woodcreek HOA  Peachtree HOA 487-3383 x 12
Woodgate San Leandro Homeowners Ass, Inc Carman Larkey 352-4308

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