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Through my years of working with clients I have found that I can not force or entice anyone to buy or sell a property they are not ready too or not willing too.  My general policy is that I will not hound you by phone or e-mail more than 2 times if you do not call or e-mail back in the first 2 weeks.  The best way to effectively work with me set an appointment... Set an appointment.  It gives us both a chance to get prepared, set up the objective and develop a plan to meet that goal and move forward together.    

Real Estate transactions with Scott Harrison DRE #00966212 is going to be focused on the bussines of obtaining your goal.  I am not likely to become your best friend or feel like a member of your family.  So if your willing to take the next step in or out of a home or investment call and make an appointment today at. 510-388-4536  I actually answer most calls the first time or call back in about an hour and you will not reach any one else at that number. 

E-Mail I check mail 4-6 times daily on my phone and reply in 24 hours or less.   E-Mail Contact 

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Some Advise from Scott Harrison. 

Buying and selling a home can be a difficult process and you will get information form all around you. The best advise to follow is to carefully scrutinize the source and check it against what you have learned so far.  Example.  hear on the news  housing starts or sales jumped 20%  It this over last month, last year or from 5 years ago.  It is Nationally, in California, or in the East Bay?   Keep in mind that it did not say average price was rising or dropping.  
Advise from Parents friends and others.  Keep in mind or ask when the last time they bought or sold was, if it was in the last 65 days ask them the location and price range (your area and price may not have the same demand or inventory).  
Buyers should ask them how many homes they saw, how many offer they made and how difficult they felt the process was.   What type of financing did they use?  An all cash buyer may fee it was easy where as a VA buyer or FHA buyer may feel it was much more difficult. 
Seller should ask what pricing strategy they used, how did it work, did they feel open housed contributed to the sale and time on the market, was staging used, how much preparation and money did they put into it before it went on the market.  Were there any incentives or price adjustments or concessions in the negotiations with the buyer? How much?    
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Thinking about selling? With twenty two years as a Bay Area Realtor I have sold in every type of market and a good Market Plan is essential