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  Scott G. Harrison
  "I own and Manage several rentals"
This Page is to Help Landlords and Tenants.
Changes in Rental Land Lord Tenant Law
concerning evictions, security deposit, walk through inspections,
written notices, a new definition for security deposits and
if 60 Day Notice to Vacate Required can be seen at
This link  and Other Changes at this link

New California State Law states all dwelling units occupied (Both owner occupied & rental) are required to have carbon monoxide device(s),  in each existing building that is equipped with fossil fuel burning appliances, fireplace, or has an attached garage.

Starting An Eviction or Fighting one off?
Forms and on line help Alameda County Superior Court    Contra Costa County Eviction info
For other court help Small claims, Unlawful Detainers Family Law   County Recorders

Bay area cities requiring land lords and others to pay a city business Tax. Along with Hayward, San Leandro, Union City, Oakland and San Jose have implemented an Annual City Business Tax Amnesty is extended to March 29th 2013 in San Jose an overview of the details Page 1 and Page 2.

Real Estate Glossary too help in understanding the terminology on rental law and contracts

If you would like California Rental forms, Rental Agreements, Rental Application, Pet Agreement, Sublease Agreement, Lead Paint Disclosure, Property Condition Report,  Pay or Vacate, Notice to Vacate, Request for Maintenance/Repairs, Lease Termination Notice, Property Condition Report, Rental Deposit Statement Forms contact Scott Harrison Realtor at 510-388-4536
How much should your rents be?  Scott is also offering Property Management or leasing services within Alameda County or some of Contra Costa County. Call me or fill out the form at this link

Older News;   Several Rental property owners have complained.
San Leandro is getting into each rental property owners pocket book for the business license fee of $36.50 license and a unit fee of $6.00 per unit owned.  A few years back the San Leandro Rent Stabilization Board limited rent increases to a maximum of $75.00 per year
San Leandro is not conduction mandatory rental inspections as Hayward does.  Hayward rental owners are required to have a city building inspector do a code compliance/ safety inspection every few years on all rentals in the city limits and the owners must pay for the inspection but so far Hayward is not hitting owners for a annual business license fee for each rental they own.   Union City has a business license fee.    Oakland also has a business license fee and rental income tax as well as places a cap on rent increases like other communities there are exceptions like capital increased of operating costs and  improvement costs, repair costs not covered by insurance, increased mortgage costs and a fair rate of return on investment for owners.

Want to check up on your credit report?
Experian P.O. box 2002Allen, Tx 75013-0036  (888) 397-3742
Equifax P.O. Box 740241  Atlanta, Ga. 30374-0241 (800)685-1111
TransUnion 2 Baldwin Place  P.O. Box 1000 Chester. Pa 19022
(800) 888-4213

Should you want an free no obligation market evaluation of your rental properties value call me or fill out the form on line at this link

California Bay Area Cities With Rent Control Ordinances
  City of Fremont  City of Hayward     City of Berkeley         
City of San Leandro           City of Oakland     San Francisco Rent Board       
State of California booklet on Tenant Landlord Rights and Responcibilities
State of California Tenant Landlord Rights
2014 Oakland Rent Adjsutment Program changes

Find rental forms Rental Agreements, Rental Application,  Pet Agreement, Sublease Agreement, Lead Paint Disclosure, Property Condition Report,  etc.

Rental Law Changes  More Rental Law Changes   Is 60 Day Notice Required?

Thinking about moving to the Bay Area ? Local Community information about schools, parks, neighborhoods, home buillders, size and age of houses can be found and of course search for homes for sale or rent too. Check this page for the following Alameda County and some of Contra Costa County. .

Bay Cities With Rent Control

Is a 60 Day Notice to Vacate Required?

Scott Harrison now has property management options for your rentals call Scott at 510-388-4536 or e-Mail him for the Flat Rate fees details.
An organizations that may interest owners is the East Bay Rental Housing Association (EBRHA) is a full-service nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting fair, safe and well-maintained residential rental housing that is compliant with local ordinances and state/federal laws.