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   Scott G. Harrison
  "I own and Manage several rentals"
Scott Harrison Realtor
Consumers often believe that Real Estate Agents just help buyers buy and sellers sell their homes.  Unlike Attorneys who bill by the minute  ..... agents who once went door to door passing out of calendars, refrigerator magnets, pumpkins or tomato plants, flyers, news letters, free market evaluation cards, flags on your lawn have changed the way they earn your trust and friendship.   Some of the best agents have focused on giving back to their communities in other ways.

Today in the digital age where consumers can get most of what they need on line find frustration when sifting through the immense amount of information on line to get answers to specific questions.   
Below is a list of assistance I have provided to consumers over a 3 months period.  

Agent activity
1, Locate deed of trust offering 9% interest return and invest with clients.
2. Advocate on clients behalf a payment plan on debit deferred by bankruptcy.
3. Help business owner settle a IRS lien.
4. Match a seller with an investor regarding a rental in bay area netting about a 6% return.
5. Evaluate a major fixer upper for possibility and currant value.
6. Provide assistance to the kids of a revere loan holder who's father died.
7. Provide lease rental forms to landlord regarding Led base paint requirement laws.
8. Provide advise on how an out of country buyer can purchase Real Estate locally 
 ( built a page about it and posted it on line). 
9. Assist a renter with keys, removal of a fallen tree and water intrusion issues.
10. Locate owner of vacant and burnt duplex for interested investor.
11. Assist a past client to locate bay area homes that her daughter may want to buy.
12. Past client asked about how to buy her husband out. 
13. Advise a sister asking how she can get her brother to move out of the parents home they own jointly so that her estate issues will be easier for her kids take over. 
14. Past client asked me to assist him advise on how best to transfer his property to his son and preparing and record the deed.
15. Helped a owner find contractors who can remodel his place and get paid out of the proceeds of the sale 60 days later. 
16. Establish a property value as of the date their spouse moved out that was needed in a divorce settlement.
17. Advised a seller on the timing of the sale so that an offer to buy can be accepted without them being homeless in between. 
18. Evaluated value of a beach front property in So Ca as a second home or vacation home for a potential buyer. 
19. Gave the kids in So. Ca. an update value on their parents Oakland rental and rules on Section 8 tenants move out requirements.
20. Updated a senior who moved to assisted living on the rental value and sales
 value of her 1000 sq ft home. 
21. Red up on the new laws that went into effect summarized the ones that pertain to Real estate and updated a Web page on the subject. 
22. Refer a bay area owner to an agent in Phoenix area to sell their property print all paperwork & disclosures, sit down with them and complete all 16 pages. 

Why spend my time not helping buyers or seller with pending transactions?  As a former teacher empowering people sharing knowledge and advocating on their behalf to better their situation is not only rewarding to me but builds trust in my expertise of working to assist them without monetary gain.  

I look forward to working with you.
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