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If your a, Tenant, Rent, a Homeowners, Landlord, Agent or Property Manager the city county and state regulations that effect you are listed.  Click on the city listed on right and from the page download the city report.

Example of what information is available for Oakland that does effect everyone. 
​City of Oakland Housing Information
• View Ordinance: The City of Oakland ; • Protected Tree Ordinance:
• Aircraft Noise: 
• Fire Hazard Zones: There are special fire hazard zones in the City of Oakland. 
• Real Estate Transfer rates.
• Mello-Roos Tax and Special Assessment Districts: There are many districts in the City of Oakland that have special property assessments.
• Rent Control: Rent increases are subject to the City’s Residential Rent Adjustment Program.  Rent Control, Rent Review and Landlord Responsibilities
 Owners must give tenants the Notice to Tenants of the Rent Adjustment Program,
• Regulations for rent-controlled units RAP
• Business License Fee on Rental Property: 
• Disclosure of Smoking Policy 

 Understand Rent Control, Rental Restrictions, Local City Demographics and other Housing Static for each Community of the East Bay.

Landlord Tenant rent control restrictions in Alameda County and Contra Costa cities and County 

To see a list of local city regulations choose the city and click 
on download city report. (some do not have rental restrictions). 

1995 State passed Costa-Hawkins Act which limited city and county from enforcing
 rent control on certain units Key provisions are;
Exempting construction built after 1995 from local rent control laws
Exempting single-family homes from any form of rent control
Requiring all local rent control laws to contain a “vacancy decontrol” provision,
 which allows the rental price to increase after a tenant moves out. 

A strong group has tried to repeal this law to further restrict rent control to single family homes but has not succeeded as of 2021

Select from the links List of cities for Alameda County, Contra Costa County and State of California information on these subjects below  

California State Wide Changes in Rental Land Lord Tenant Law Concerning Evictions, Security Deposit, Walk through Inspections, Written Notices, Definition for Security Deposits , When 60 Day Notice to Vacate Required 

Land Lords and home owners who may want to rent out a home or property are subject to Business license fees and local tax on the income they receive from their rental in some communities.  

Is your rental exempt from local rental restrictions?  Cities and counties are empowered with the ability to implement  local rent control laws, 

Alameda County passed rent increase restrictions for Mobile home parks

California Laws Affecting Rental Property: Walk through, return of security deposits, enter the rental unit without written notice

Find rental forms  Rental Agreements, Rental Application,  Pet Agreement, Sublease Agreement, Lead Paint Disclosure, Property Condition Report,  etc.