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Review housing developments of Fremont.  Real Estate has been hot in Fremont for many reasons.  The jobs from silicone Valley, the high ranking Schools the ease of transportation by freeway and new BART extension feeding directly to Santa Clara rail system I feel it will remain an active housing market for years to come. 
Today, the 94-square mile city of Fremont combines residential living with industrial and commercial developments.  Fremont has grown into the fourth largest city in the Bay Area and the second largest city in Alameda County.  It is considered part of Silicon Valley with many computer companies located in the Warm Springs area.  Also in Fremont is the Tesla Automobile assembly plant.  The plant was once a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota.Corp.

Fremont now has two major highways running through it, Interstates 880 and 680, as well as Highway 84, which cross the Bay on the Dumbarton Bridge. 

Selecting the best area in Fremont can be a challenge with such a large number of schools and locations.  The information about neighborhoods below are arranged from north to south to assist you. 
Locate Distinct Neighborhoods in Fremont

The Ardenwood Community built in 2 phases bordered on the west:by Ardenwood Blvd,  to the north: Alameda Creek, to the south by Decoto Road and to the east:by Interstate 880. was built 1979-1987 3 and 4 bedrooms homes with 1300-1717 Square feet homes.  The South of Paseo Padre PKWY was built between 1986-1989 Homes and Townhomes between 930 and 1891 Square feet 2 - 4 bedroom homes. 

Northgate homes for the most part were built between 1969 - 1974 and are between 1300 -1714 square feet 3 and 4 bedroom homesneighborhood the boundaries:to the west is Interstate 880, to the north Union City and to the east:is Decoto Road. 

Fremont's Brookvale neighborhood built between 1971-1973 have between  1453-1830 square feet of the 3 and 4 bedroom homes. Its boundaries to the west:is Fremont Blvd., and to the north:by Decoto Road, to the south:by Thornton Avenue and to the east: by the BART Tracks / Alameda Creek 

The Lakes and Birds Area of Fremont boundaries: to the west: City is Union City, to the north:by Union City, to the south: City limits at Union City. and to the east: by Alameda Creek. 

Fremont's Cabrillo neighborhood Who's Boundaries are to the west: Interstate 880, and to the north by: Decoto Road, south:by Thornton Avenue.and to the east:by Fremont Blvd. Homes were built between 1953-1957 ranging 1074 - 1148 square feet with 3 bed rooms.

Fremont's Niles neighborhood Date from 1915 and some new homes are building today.  They range from 780 square feet to over 3,000 square feet.  The boundary to the west is the BART Tracks, to the north by Union City, to the south: Niles Canyon Rd. / Alameda Creek and to the east the hills.

Fremont's Canyon Heights / Vallejo Mills / Niles Crest  neighborhood Who's Boundaries to the west:is Mission Blvd,  to the north:by Niles Canyon Road, to the south: Morrison Canyon Road and to the east by the city limit in the hills.  This development of home are about 1838 square feet, have 4 bed room and were built in 1950.

Fremont's Cherry Guardino boundaries:are to the west:by Civic Center Drive, to the north at:Mowry Avenue, to the south: by Stevenson Blvd, and on the east:at Mission Blvd. 

Fremont's Parkmont neighborhood has its boundaries:to the west: by Paseo Padre Pkwy. / Peralta Blvd. / Sequoia Rd., to the north: Alameda Creek / City limits at Union City, to the south:at Mowry Avenue.and to the east:at Mission Blvd.

Fremont's Centerville neighborhood with boundaries: to the west: Fremont Blvd / Interstate 880, to the north:at Thornton Avenue, to the south: Central Avenue / Mowry Avenue, and to the east: Paseo Padre Parkway. 

Fremont's Glenmoor neighborhood with boundaries:to the west: at I-880, to the north:at Central Avenue, to the south: Mowry Avenue and to the east:at Fremont Blvd. 

Fremont's Kimber / Gomes neighborhood with boundaries:to the west:at Railroad tracks to Mission Blvd., to the north:at Walnut Avenue, too the south:at Driscoll Rd., ang to the east: City limits in the hills.

Fremont's Central Downtown neighborhood Who''s boundaries:to the west:is Fremont Blvd., to the north:at Mowry Avenue, to the south:at Grimmer Blvd./Paseo Padre Pkwy/Railroad tracks, and to the east:at Civic Center Drive 

Fremont's Sundale neighborhood with boundaries:to the west at Blacow Road, to the north:at Mowry Avenue, on the south: Stevenson Blvd., with the eastern at Fremont Blvd.

Fremont's 28 Palms neighborhood with boundaries:to the west:at Interstate 880, to the north:at Mowry Avenue, to the south:at Stevenson Blvd., and to the east:with Blacow Road  

Fremont's Blacow neighborhood with boundaries to the west:at Interstate 880, and to the north:at Stevenson Blvd, to the south:at Auto Mall Parkway, and to the east:at Blacow Road and South Grimmer Blvd. 

Fremont's Mission Valley neighborhood with boundaries:to the west:at Washington Blvd, to the north:at Driscoll Road, Castro Lane, to the south:at Interstate 680. and to the east:at the Hills.

Fremont's Irvington District is boundaries:to the west:is Dricsoll Rd. / Osgood Rd., and to the north:at Paseo Padre Parkway, with the southern bountry at: Blacow Road and to the east:at Grimmer Blvd. 

Fremont's Grimmer neighborhood with the boundaries:to the west: Grimmer Blvd.,  to the north:at Blacow Road, to the south: Auto Mall Parkway and to the east:at Osgood Road 

Fremont's Mission San Jose neighborhood with boundaries:to the west:at Paseo Padre Parkway and to the north: I-680, with the south:at Durham Rd., and to the east:at City limits in the hills

Fremont Chamber of Commerce

Links to some places of interest in Fremont

Niles Canyon Railway Take a trip back in time on the San Francisco Bay Area route of the First Transcontinental Railroad.

Ohlone College is located just down the street from Mission San Jose in Fremont provides an academic home for 12,000 students.

Ardenwood Historic Farm East Bay Regional Parks District web site.

Fremont Zips Include 94538, 94539, 94555, 94530, 94536

Some history of the city of Fremont
Fremont is named after John C. Fremont, who came  through Mission Pass in the 1840's, however  Mission San Jose, founded in 1797, is one of the oldest settlements in the area and the only mission in Alameda County.  Ohlone Indians, the area's original inhabitants, built and maintained the mission under the direction of the Spanish padres.

In 1850, when California achieved statehood, the community was growing with settlers.  

In 1868 Leland Stanford bought and built an estate and distillery, and planted vineyards.  Weibel Vineyards later took over the winery  which today is the site of new homes with a bottling operation the only evidence that a winery once thrived on the site.

From 1912 to 1961, the Niles area became the headquarters of Essanay Studios.  Many westerns movies were produced in Niles Canyon including "The Tramp", Charlie Chaplin's masterpiece.

In 1956, the communities of Mission San Jose, Centerville, Niles, Irvington and Warm Springs combined to form the city of Fremont
Other sites concerning Fremont Historical information found below and for the The Mission San Jose History which was provided by the.Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

Entry to Niles District
Niles Starion
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