January 31, 2001

Dear Home Buyers,

I'd like to heartily recommend Scott Harrison as a Realtor. This recommendation is based on my experiences as a first-time homebuyer in a very competitive real estate market. Here are some of the reasons why I recommend Scott Harrison:

When I was interviewing Realtors to represent me, I asked each of them for an activity list, that is, a list of addresses of properties that they had bought or sold in the past twelve months. This sort of information is readily available from the computerized records of a real estate broker. Nevertheless, most agents would hem and haw and give excuses when I asked for this information. In contrast, Scott not only didn't hesitate, but actually posted three years of activity lists on his web site!
My quest for a home was not easy, because the real estate market was very hot, and I found myself facing constant rejection in multiple offer situations. Scott encouraged me by pointing out my strong points as a buyer and encouraging me to make use of them. Scott also had a good eye for properties that would suit me. No sooner would one of my offers be rejected than Scott would come right back with another property to look at.
Scott was very good at explaining things simply and clearly, both verbally and in the material on his web site. I particularly recommend his "list of 9 and 9", available from his web site. The "9 and 9" is a method for comparing properties by computing a numerical score on each property. This valuable tool make a quick decision on whether I wanted to make a bid on a property.
Finally, Scott never hurried me, or pressured me to purchase any particular property. He seemed willing to let me feel my way around, try various things and by learn from my mistakes.
She said  " Please put Scott Harrison in the title."


Nicolette Davis 

Scott G. Harrison 
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