Do you want to build traffic on your site? 2008 Info below

Since search engines often change the way they index sites and the
information that they are looking for in order to rank sites this page will
only indicate some low cost SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  things
you can do to promote your site include:  

1.  Linking to other sites is a way to promote site ranking.  Natural links are the best but three way link trades with sites similar to yours in content.   Example if you are a Realtor and sell real estate linking to  leasing agencies and loan agents for financing of the homes your clients could use would be a good resource.   Anchor links is the text you use to describe your site.  Look here to find out more about the importance of  Anchor links.
2.  Expand the content that is relative to your site.  Visitors and search engines will find me value in more content and the more returning visitors increase your likely hood to be ranked higher. 
3.  Don't forget mega tags and site description.   Place what would draw visitors and what types of searches would you imagine visitors would use to find your site in this part of your site..  If you want to see your site as Search Engines do, check the page at ScrubtheWeb it's free.  It will tell you your site is not robot friendly because this is too big and that is too small.  I don't place too much importance in there suggestions a lot has changed since that site was created.
4.  Submitting you site to search engines is a good thing.  Google has set up some suggestions worth looking into at   This link

Just the same if your not #1 in your field you can check any
site's links with the link popularity chart or use
Web Analytics TrafficAnalyzer is a combined, in depth
keyword tracking and web analytics solution

Scott Harrison

Scott is a real estate professional in Alameda County California
where he has worked for the past 24 years.  
Scotts web site serving the San Leandro, Hayward, San Lorenzo,
Oakland, Pleasanton and Fremont real estate  markets. . 
You can contact Scott at 510-388-4536

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Can learn a new language.
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Scott Harrison
Local Realtor
Scott G Harrison his history production records are on the web as well as client referrals:

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